The City of Fort Collins journey to deliver nontraditional utility services to be presented at Cloud for Utilities Summit

The 3rd Cloud for Utilities Summit will take place on February 18-20, 2020 in Washington DC. At the event, the City of Fort Collins will conduct the conference “Fort Collins is starting to deliver non-traditional utility services with CIS Cloud Solution”.

The City of Fort Collins and Open International are proud to announce their joint presentation of Fort Collin’s story at the Cloud for Utilities Summit. The session will take place on February 20th at 1:00 pm. The presentation will focus on how Fort Collins embarked on the project to launch a new range of broadband services while addressing issues such as the City’s journey from their technology selection through to the implementation process.

As Fort Collins decided to deliver a new full-service retail model that provides internet and phone services to residential and commercial customers through an end-to-end solution, they also had to build a new telecommunications network, revamp platforms, rebuild IT architecture and implement a new customer care CIS in record time. In September 2019,  the City of Fort Collins began operating its broadband service following the implementation of its new telecommunications infrastructure and a state-of-the-art holistic CIS, a remarkable undertaking by any measure.

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Colman Keane, Fort Collins Broadband Executive Director, and Hernando Parrott, Open International North America President, will share the City´s digital transformation strategy and explain how they successfully overcame the challenges that have arisen during the project.

Parrott, said:

“During this session, we will not only have the chance to discuss how the City was able to respond to community requirements and create new networks, cloud transition IT architectures, new products, services and revenue streams, but also have the opportunity to exemplify Open´s commitment towards our clients, as we believe that through technology, we can empower American utilities to succeed and increase customer satisfaction”.

Come join Open International at the Cloud for Utilities Summit to discuss and learn how a world-class CIS solution can empower your business on the cloud.


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