Vital Signs


Address utilities’ integration challenges head-on with a comprehensive, holistic and extensible solution. Click over these modules to learn more about the immediate answers Open Smartflex’s Holistic CIS provides.


Prevent issues that could impact your operation

Monitor your operation


Enhance decision-making with real time information to prevent system downtime and operational delays.

Increase staff satisfaction and efficiency by optimizing Open Smartflex performance within your IT ecosystem.

With Open Vital Signs you can try out new features and monitor their performance without affecting business operation.

Minimize infrastructure costs needed to fix efficiency issues and system downtimes with early detection of delays, crashes or queues.

With the Open Vital Signs service operating under a SaaS model, your IT team can focus their efforts on the core processes of your business.


Identify opportunities for improvement, ensure optimal performance, and anticipate incidents that may cause system downtime based on historical data.

Monitor your key business processes with a constant stream of graphically-displayed information. Open Vital Signs analyzes workflows and identifies processes that exceed their acceptable execution time.

Open Vital Signs comes with a broad range of indicators to effectively inform you about the performance of Open Smartflex within your IT ecosystem.



Implement an all-in-one, ready to go holistic solution with native capabilities to manage the meter-to-cash, meter-to-customer and customer-operations cycle, optimizing all customer-facing processes.

Enjoy a comprehensive monitoring service without having to worry about its management, daily operation, scalability, support or maintenance.

Learn from system issues and prevent them in the future thanks to comprehensive records of every incident.

Open Vital Signs notifies you straight away about situations that generate delays or crashes in your operation.

Analyze historical Open Smartflex behavior within your IT ecosystem to make informed decisions which continuously improve the operation.
Get the information you need, when you need it.
“Open Vital Signs is a new service administered entirely by Open which means you can enjoy all the benefits of a monitoring system without any of the work. It operates under a SaaS model which means that users can access the metrics and data that the solution provides from a web browser or a mobile device while Open takes charge of the operation, maintenance, support, and scaling of the service. The metrics generated can be graphically displayed using innovative time series database (TSDB) tools”
Daniel Fierro
Open’s Operations Manager


Open Smartflex helps your company to have one view of truth with a holistic solution that is a Customer Information System (CIS) at its core, but also extends in five dimensions: Meter Data Management (MDM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), Operation Support System (OSS), and Analytics. From its core and across all dimensions, the solution is designed to provide a superior customer experience. With Open Smartflex, your company can operate seamlessly and avoid the frictions and pain points associated with the integration of several systems.


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