Prepare for the era of electric mobility

The sales of electric vehicles increase as customers realize the environmental impact and the potential cost savings of e-mobility. Consequently, utilities are becoming more encouraged to diversify their business towards this adjacent market. Throughout this transition, Open Smartflex continues helping utility companies design innovative products and services related to e-mobility in record time. The solution also offers dynamic pricing schemes and supports charging ecosystem integrations to drive the challenges related to customer experience, electricity demand, and range anxiety.

Electric Vehicles | Prepare for the era of electric mobilityUtilities are implementing powerful strategies that encompass innovative products, dynamic pricing, and extensive charging infrastructure to face the electric vehicle era. With Open Smartflex’s capabilities, utilities can overcome the current challenges to step into the e-Mobility world.

Design the future through a ground-breaking product and service catalog

Thanks to their extensive knowledge of their customers and their vast expertise in customer engagement, utilities have a tremendous value opportunity when it comes to offering e-Mobility services. Open Smartflex expedites the launch of new offerings through a product and service catalog modeling tool. With the solution, these offerings are targeted based on customer usage behavior, service address, and other characteristics, thus increasing sales effectiveness.

Innovate with dynamic pricing features

Utilities need to be certain that they can create new offerings while being able to charge customers accurately and dynamically. To help with this, Open Smartflex supports different pricing schemes, such as time-of-use and other time-varying rate models. With these capabilities, utilities can design programs to incentivize customers to charge their vehicles during off-peak periods when the tariffs are lower, facing the electric demand challenge without investing in expensive infrastructure expansion projects.

Turn data into valuable insights

Open Smartflex is capable of collecting massive, detailed measurement data of electric vehicles at different time intervals, giving utilities a complete view of their customers’ usage history. The solution also includes a powerful dashboard designer to provide meaningful insights on energy demand and diverse factors related to it. By using these features, utilities can successfully identify their customers’ usage patterns, redistribute the power demand during off-peak periods according to these patterns, and create tailored offers to their customers.

Enable a collaborative charging ecosystem

When it comes to electric vehicles, customers often get anxious over the idea of having a limited range and few charging stations. Together, utilities and partners are creating a charging station network to help reduce their customers’ range anxiety. Open Smartflex offers a specialized integration toolkit that optimizes communication and handles transactions with third-party software to simplify the management of the IT ecosystem. This way, utilities can focus on business results rather than on the IT complexity that this kind of strategic alliance implies.

With these essential capabilities, utilities are not only prepared for the adoption of electric vehicles, but also for new business models that are evolving in the energy industry.

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