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At Open, we pride ourselves on helping utilities and telecommunication companies achieve their business goals and implement innovative business strategies. Our services are designed to support our customers in their digital transformation processes and ensure their success. We’re constantly working on helping municipalities work closely with their customers, offer better services, and improve the communities they serve. Our biggest commitment is to become the best provider for the utilities of the future, ensuring the growth and success of each of their projects.

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Support & upgrades

We are always prepared to support our customers and offer them the best experience throughout their transformation project. To provide our continuous improvements, we’re constantly upgrading our solution with new, innovative functionalities that simplify utility operations without needing to worry about any interruptions. Despite any upgrades made, our solution continues running as usual.

With Open, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected issues. Our team is always ready (24/7) to provide the help and close attention your team may need.

Why choose Open?

  • We work strongly to ensure the continuity of our clients’ operations
  • Our upgrades are continuous and easy to implement
  • No matter what time it is, we are always available to help you
This is the result we offer our clients

“We feel fully supported by Open International; we recognize their efforts to address our needs, not only in the issues arising from the pandemic, but also in other projects such as smart grids.”

Oliver Vásquez – CIO Coopelesca


Our training services are dynamic and focused using the proper processes and tools to emphasize a high quality assurance of our projects and an efficient knowledge transfer. Our ultimate goal is to empower our customers to use Smartflex in the best way possible to succeed in their businesses. Thanks to our standardized methodologies, we can guarantee fluency in our test executions, allowing an efficient implementation process and a high level projec satisfaction.

Our solution also comes equipped with innovative tools that allow users to understand and navigate through Smartflex in a simple manner. These services are designed to ensure a high quality solution and optimal transfer of know-how.

Why choose Open?

  • Services based on worldwide standards
  • We offer outstanding customer support throughout the project life cycle
  • We’re commited to ensuring our clients learn to use and adopt our software in the simplest way possible
  • We work continuously to have a better understanding and development of the product that our clients and the market needs

Solution delivery & system implementation

Combining the best practices of waterfall and agile implementation approaches, Open offers revolutionary implementation services to get the best results from your digital transformation projects. We offer a perfect blend of planning, management of deliverables, constant communication, and flexibility in every project’s decision-making process.

Why should you count on us?

  • We have years of experience, knowledge, and proven implementation practices
  • We’re focused on responding to your current and future business processes and needs
  • We are known to empower utilities to prepare for any future challenge
  • We are committed to meeting solution delivery times

Smartflex as a service

We provide our solution as a cloud service so that you can focus on running your business without worrying about software support, system updates, infrastructure maintenance, network security, and data availability. You can be sure that these topics will be reliably managed by Open’s experts.

The solution’s flexibility allows utilities to choose whether to run on Open’s own private cloud or on any other cloud that better fits their business needs.

Why should you count on us?

  • We empower utilities to accelerate their digital transformation journeys
  • We offer our customers access to applications and data anywhere, anytime
  • Our solution is operated by system experts, allowing you to focus on what you do best


Our team is composed of expert consultants who are solely dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. We offer support services in the implementation of new functionalities, in system configuration changes, and in the application operation.

If you need to meet a new regulation or create a new business model, don't worry. We’re always available to help you make the necessary adjustments to the solution at breakneck speeds.

  • Solely focusing on the utility industry, we pride ourselves on building close relationships with each one of our customers
  • Our services are provided by specialists with years of experience and the manufacturers of the solution
  • We pay attention to your needs by committing ourselves 100% to your challenges and providing you with the right guidance to achieve success

Managed services

In order to meet new industry trends, we provide managed services which allow customers to delegate Smartflex technical support and administration activities to us (the manufacturers).

With Open, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected issues. Our team is always ready (24/7) to provide the help and close attention your team may need.

Why go with us?

  • Our solution is operated by system experts
  • We’re continuously monitoring critical operating variables
  • We have constant supervision over application performance

Our numbers speak for themselves

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Smartflex supports utilities’ operation to meet emerging business requirements and challenging customer expectations. We empower digital transformation, business growth, and the best customer experience for our customers.

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customers with Smartflex

New revenue sources

See how Efigas was able to unify their commercial and operational management in a single system and incorporated a new business line which increased their sources of income by 17%.

Digital Transformation

Discover how INAPA improved its operational and commercial processes above expectations and currently carries out its operation digitally.

Simplifying Operations

Find out how Cablevisión saw reduced customer service times by 10%, optimized field service planning by 40%, and increased sales efficiency by over 48%.

Scale up with speed

Learn how Coopelesca updated its technological platform to support the next industrial and commercial growth, providing electricity, cable TV and internet services in Costa Rica.

Faster time to market

Discover how Claro experienced fast growth in Central America, standardizing their business and operational processes dealing with telephony, cable TV, internet, and satellite TV.

Operational Efficiency

Learn how Chilquinta, a corporate group with five utility companies, improved field service which led to a 72% reduction in average service installation time in just 8 months.

Flexibility and Autonomy

Find out how Veolia achieved regulatory compliance while also reducing service installation time by 42%. In just 5 years, Veolia expanded its use of Smartflex to cover 11 different operations.

Service Reconnection Optimization

Discover how Energuate achieved an 80% reduction in work order assignment time and decreased work order execution time by 96%.

Broadband for utilities

Read about how Coopelesca manages power, broadband, and TV with one solution, allowing enhanced integration between business lines and lower operating costs.

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