3 Months
for Energuate

In 2016, Energuate started a strategic alliance with Open that gave life to their fieldwork optimization project, Brimovil. Just three months later, the solution was fully implemented across the entire company, and 1,700 field workers were already working smarter and faster with automatic work order management.

Sempra's acceleration of service installation time

Sempra Energy is an energy services company which develops energy infrastructure and operates utilities globally, serving more than 32 million consumers worldwide. Sempra’s Chilean affiliate, Chilquinta, consists of five companies operating independently to serve several major to mid-size cities.


Award winning implementation for Cablevisión

Cablevisión decided to implement Open Smartflex TelecomBOSS, a solution that natively supports all of their lines of business. This solution now manages all of the mission-critical business processes such as customer service, sales, mediation, billing, and payments, giving them the necessary agility to overcome their challenges and prepare for the future.

Utilities / Telecommunications

Coopelesca supports it's growth in Costa Rica

Coopelesca has been using Open Smartflex since 2004 to manage their mission-critical business processes: billing cycles, commercial management, metering cycles, fraud management, portfolio management, customer service, and fraud prevention. By using Open Smartflex over the last ten years, Coopelesca has been able to position itself as a leader in the energy industry.


New processes modeling at blazing speeds for Claro

In 2008, Claro decided to acquire Smartflex to support all of their services in Nicaragua: telephony, cable TV, satellite TV, and internet. Following this success, Claro decided to extend operations in 2010. Now, Claro manages more than 1.5 million services with Open Smartflex in 5 countries: Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala.


Veolia get's to cover 11 different operations in Latin America

Veolia is a French multi-national company whose main activity is providing water, waste, and energy management services, primarily for public authorities. Veolia has over 163,000 employees with operations over 5 continents and annual revenue of over 24 billion Euros. In 2016, the Veolia group supplied 100 million people with drinking water, produced 54 MWh of energy and provided wastewater services to 61 million people. In Latin America, Veolia has an established presence in Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico.


INAPA covers the operation in the Dominican Republic

INAPA implemented the new Open Smartflex version in a record time of two months and one week in the 25 provinces, covering the whole operation of the company in the Dominican Republic. This project managed to integrate the business model proposed by Open with INAPA’s institutional challenges, focused on the need for technification of the processes that would facilitate the integral management of the business.

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