AES el salvador comienza a mejorar las operaciones de campo con Smartflex

AES Corporation is one of the world’s largest energy companies, serving more than 10 million customers in 17 countries. One of its subsidiaries, AES El Salvador, distributes power to 1.3 million customers throughout its 4 affiliated companies: CAESS, CLESA, EEO, and DEUSEM.

AES El Salvador, has recently started to roll-out its new Smartflex Field Service solution. With this solution, AES is managing a wide variety of field work orders such as installations, maintenance, and emergencies from a centralized dispatch center. Now, field technicians have the ability to receive their work orders, call clients, and synchronize their activities and inventory in real time.

Sergio Perez, Vice President of AES, stated, “I consider customer satisfaction to be one of the basic principles of our businesses. We have decided to strategically improve the way we operate by using cutting edge infrastructure and technology; this is necessary to offer quality, uninterrupted service.” He added, “This is the reason that in 2016, we initiated the implementation process for Smartflex’s Mobile platform. Our objective is to offer services more quickly using better optimized routes and by allocating orders automatically in real time to our teams on the field.”

Open’s Vice President of Business Development, Erick Vivas, stated, “We are pleased to have been chosen by AES El Salvador to support them in their operation’s improvement process. We are confident that with our world-class solution and our experience in the Latin-American market, we can help them meet their corporate objectives.”