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Open lanza la versión 7.08.22 de su producto Smartflex, con nuevas funcionalidades para fortalecer las industrias de telecomunicaciones y utilities

Thriving to increase the efficiency of their clients and incorporate the latest standards of the industry, OPEN launches Release 22 of Smartflex version 7.08. This new release improves on the existing features as well as incorporating new ones.

In this new version, OPEN introduces a Self-Service Portal that allows the service provider to address users’ requests 24/7. With this feature the user can access their billing, payment, and usage information, as well as submit complaints and claims. Users will also have access to histograms that graphically show their consumption behavior, improving the understanding of their bills.

Companies that belong to the telecommunications industry will benefit greatly from the redesigned commercial offering functionality. This feature allows companies to quickly design new products and services, accelerating the time-to-market. It allows companies to create offers tailored to the needs of its clients in record time and without incurring large operating costs.

OPEN has developed a native interface with Advanced Metering Infrastructures (AMI). Additional functionalities provide utility companies with more information and influence on their costumer’s consumption patterns. This results in a substantial improvement on the efficiency, reliability, and network security of the service. By adopting the advantages of new technologies, companies can develop key factors that generate value for their customers.

One of the most useful new features is the Control Panel, which shows the real-time status of the most critical system processes, generating statistics and giving the user the ability to execute appropriate procedures. It also clearly identifies license expiration dates, and configuring and receiving quick notifications that allow you to make more accurate timely decisions.

In addition to the above mentioned improvements, by incorporating the data archiving feature, companies can place outdated information in cold storage, saving storage space, time, and money by reducing the costs of acquiring new resources. This feature also provides the ability to keep your data safe, and access to your data when needed.

Finally, this release incorporates the Smartflex Connector Kit, which simplifies integration with other systems, while providing a more complete view of the business.

“With these new features, companies can run more efficiently, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), optimize their business processes for mobile solutions, improve revenue management, respond quickly to market changes, and reduce risks by implementing proven successful practices, “said Erick Vivas, Vice President of Business Development at OPEN.