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Open International Discusses Cutting-Edge AI Solutions for Utilities at APPA’s Customer Connection Conference

Open International, a forefront software provider specializing in utility companies proudly participated in the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Customer Connection Conference held on November 13th in San Antonio, Texas. The event brought together industry leaders and innovators to explore the latest advancements and strategies in the utility sector.

Juan Corredor, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Open, took the stage at the conference, alongside other technology experts, to deliver a compelling presentation on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate utility operations. The conference provided a unique platform for Open International to share insights into the transformative potential of AI in the utility landscape.

During his presentation, Corredor delved into the vast possibilities AI offers to utilities, emphasizing its role in streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency. He highlighted three key branches of AI that are particularly impactful for the utility sector: generative AI, Machine Learning, and Heuristics.

Corredor’s presentation captivated the audience and provided valuable insights for attendees seeking to leverage AI technologies to navigate the evolving landscape of the utility industry. About the conference, he stated, “It was a pleasure to have spoken at APPA’s Customer Connection Conference and shared insights about the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the utility sector. At Open, we welcome utilities to explore and embrace this cutting-edge technology and we are committed to fostering a future where innovation and efficiency redefine the landscape of utility operations”.

Open’s participation in this event reaffirms the company’s dedication to encouraging dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaboration within the utility sector. The event provided a platform for industry professionals to explore the latest trends, share insights, and gain valuable perspectives on leveraging technology to address the unique challenges faced by utility companies. As a leading software provider for utility companies for 35+ years in 19 countries, Open remains at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape.


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