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Today, service providers are under pressure to expand their portfolios, introduce new technologies, minimize fraud, reduce losses, and minimize their footprint, all while offering exceptional service to their customers. Their IT systems are often holding them back

What makes Open different?

Open has set out to make solutions that empower our customers to thrive and grow, even under the toughest market demands. For over 30 years, Smartflex has freed companies from rigid and customized systems, and has allowed them to focus on what makes them great

Smartflex is a comprehensive system that integrates the customer care, billing and field service operations processes under one modular, multi-service product platform.


One single provider to help you with your mission critical needs, implement once and stay updated. One single user interface, one single database. Easier to implement, run and update.


With Open you can always stay on the cutting edge. Our support program includes upgrades to the newest versions and releases. No need for costly and risky re-implementations.


Typically implemented in less than 50% of the time of comparable solutions. Optimize your processes and introduce new offerings to your customers in days, not months. Need a new module? Just turn it on and set it up.


Be more autonomous; experienced consultants will teach you the industry’s best practices so you can configure and operate the application, or even create your own modules with minimal help. Get certified with a comprehensive, interactive learning program.

Total Cost of Ownership

Less pieces to operate, maintain and integrate. More functionalities, lower implementation costs, fewer resources to set-up, less hardware and infrastructure.

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