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Open successfully launched its next generation product at CS Week 2019

This month, Open launched its latest product, holistic CIS solution, Smartflex, at the most important event for utilities in North America. During the 43rd CS Week, held in Phoenix, Arizona, industry leaders learned about the advantages of having a single solution that improves customer experience, keeps up with the latest trends, and effectively supports business processes related to customer management.

At CS Week, the utility industry discovered Smartflex, a software solution that supports superior customer experience, the deployment of non-traditional services, and upgrading to next-generation energy services with a shorter time-to-market. Furthermore, attendees were interested in learning how Smartflex holistic CIS solution reduces the complexity of integrations between different customer service processes and provides the flexibility needed to adapt to the regulatory, technological, and market changes facing modern utilities.

At its core, Smartflex is a highly flexible Customer Information System (CIS) capable of managing a broad set of mission-critical processes. On top of its CIS capabilities, the solution includes important features such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Meter Data Management (MDM), Workforce Management (WFM), Networks (OSS), and Analytics. All these components work together with a cohesion that simplifies utility operations and allows companies to offer an exceptional customer experience.

“Smartflex is comprehensive and intuitive, you can tell the power of the product when it simplifies complex operations.”

Chief Customer Officer– Electric, Gas and Water Utility

As part of the event’s academic agenda, Francisco Karmy, Commercial Manager of Chilquinta, (the Chilean subsidiary of Sempra Energy group) and Jesús Sánchez, Marketing VP of Open, presented the talk, “Creating a Multi-Channel Customer Service Hub Model with Your CIS”. They gave first-hand accounts of the successful implementation and technological transformation project that allowed Chilquinta to streamline its operations and expand its product and services portfolio. Most importantly, this project allowed the company to improve its customer service thanks to the implementation of multiple customer service channels, both digital and traditional, which use business logic configured in a single system.

“Browsing through its different applications looks a lot like doing a search in Google”

Customer Information System Manager –Electric Utility

After taking part in the presentation, attendees realized that the problems of North American utilities are very similar to those faced in Chile. As with many companies present at the event, Chilquinta is very conscious of the importance of choosing the right technological solution to support its core business processes; therefore, after undertaking a thorough technological selection process, the company found in Smartflex the same benefits that North American companies are looking for in their next CIS solution.

Regarding the success of the event, Sánchez said:

“I think this week was very exciting for us. The welcoming and interest of the market exceeded our expectations. We had productive meetings with our partners and started conversations with other companies interested in working with us. Throughout the event, our customers and leads had the opportunity to see product demonstrations which let them see first-hand how Smartflex can help them solve their future challenges, today.”


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