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Transforming Utilities’ Customer Service: The Power of Integrating Smartflex with ChatGPT

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, utilities need to adopt innovative solutions to improve their service offering and user experiences. This is why, at Open, we’re integrating our CIS solution, Smartflex, with ChatGPT, a transformative technology based on artificial intelligence that will revolutionize customer care and take customer satisfaction to the next level.

The utility industry is witnessing a transformative revolution as advanced technologies continue to reshape its landscape. One such groundbreaking integration is the fusion of utility software’s with Artificial Intelligence (AI). By harnessing the power of AI, utility companies can unlock unprecedented opportunities to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences. 

In fact, according to a Deloitte survey, 82% of respondents expressed that their employees believe working with AI technologies will enhance their performance and job satisfaction. Moreover, the same survey revealed that 94% of business leaders agree that AI is critical to success over the next five years.1 These statistics underscore the growing recognition of AI’s potential impact on both employees’ work experience and the strategic significance it holds for business growth and competitiveness in the coming years. 

Integrating AI technologies, like ChatGPT, with utility software has the potential to transform the utility industry by revolutionizing customer engagement. By leveraging AI technologies, utilities can enhance their interactions with customers and provide invaluable support to customer service representatives (CSRs). This powerful type of technology can empower utilities to offer seamless and personalized interactions with customers, enabling instant assistance, addressing queries, and providing timely responses, including handling billing questions. This transformative integration of AI in the utility industry holds great promise for elevating customer service experiences and optimizing operational efficiency. 

With our ongoing initiative to integrate our CIS solution with ChatGPT, at Open, we continue to demonstrate our dedication to providing utilities with the essential tools to streamline customer service processes and offer an exceptional user and customer experience. With a focus on simplicity, efficiency and accuracy, our solution, Smartflex, aims to significantly reduce call center wait times and assist customer service representatives in their daily activities. This powerful combination empowers customer service agents, providing them with an intuitive interface that facilitates quick access to vital information within a single window. Thanks to these initiatives, utilities can improve interactions with their customers and exceed their expectations 

Thanks to this type of integration with ChatGPT, utility companies stand to reap a multitude of benefits, transforming their customer support and service landscape. The combination of ChatGPT with a powerful CIS solution provides CSR teams with advanced capabilities that streamline operations and provide efficient and personalized services. This seamless fusion of human expertise and AI-powered efficiency is the key to unlocking a new era of excellence in utility customer support, positioning utility companies as pioneers in delivering cutting-edge, customer-centric solutions. Scenarios like the one above and many more become possible, open up a world of opportunities and offer utilities benefits such as: 


  • Improved response time: ChatGPT’s rapid responses enable CSRs to provide prompt support, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience. 


  • Consistency in Service: The AI delivers consistent service through predefined guidelines, ensuring a uniform customer experience across interactions and agents. 


  • Increased Efficiency in Issue Resolution: ChatGPT supports utility CSRs in effective troubleshooting and issue resolution by providing access to a broad knowledge base, speeding up problem-solving and reducing escalations. 


Smartflex offers a wide array of features and ongoing integrations that empower utilities to enhance their service offerings, elevate customer satisfaction, and boost operational efficiencies. As technology advances, the integration of Smartflex with ChatGPT paves the way for exciting possibilities, revolutionizing customer-centric utilities and unlocking a new world of potential.  

The benefits are substantial and transformative. With ChatGPT seamlessly integrated, utilities gain access to lightning-fast information, ensuring timely responses to customer inquiries and resolving doubts with unprecedented speed. The result is a significant improvement in the quality of service provided by your CSR teams, enabling them to cater to your esteemed customers in a more efficient and effective manner. 


[1] Deloitte (October 2022). Fueling the AI transformation: Four key actions powering widespread value from AI, right now. https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/us/Documents/deloitte-analytics/us-ai-institute-state-of-ai-fifth-edition.pdf 

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