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CIS | Customer Information System


Enhance your customer experience through a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional meter-to-cash processes.

Smartflex’s CIS solution has a modern architecture that enables utilities to increase customer satisfaction through traditional and non-traditional program offerings. Smartflex also supports new rates, billing schemes, and emerging business models, preparing utilities for any challenge they may have.

The solution provides a comprehensive set of flexible and cognitive functionalities to keep up with the quickly changing pace of the industry and exceed customer expectations. Smartflex allows utilities to seamlessly transition to the cloud and always supports whatever deployment model fits our customers’ needs (SaaS, PaaS, or On-premise).

A utility company achieved 60% reduction in claims related to billing adjustments and errors thanks to Smartflex.

Billing excellence is our commitment

  • Smartflex has boosted performance and satisfaction indicators all across the board.
  • We support billing processes for companies with over 5 million customers.

What do we offer you?

  • A powerful and flexible billing engine
  • The ability to support new dynamic billing models
  • Tools required to d
  • A future proof solution that prepares utilities for the new wave of distributed generation

Companies using Smartflex can increase the number of customers that acquire new energy products up to 200% per year.

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