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Smartflex, the go-to solution to implement special programs

With the ever-going trend of special programs, the increase of customer expectations, and the rise of new technologies, utilities are seeking technological partners with holistic, omnichannel solutions to offer the best alternatives for their community.

Smartflex, the go-to solution to implement special programs

In recent years, special programs have become incredibly popular in North America. In 2019, there were more than 800 energy efficiency programs and 40+ different regulations throughout the United States(1). To keep up to date with these new and upcoming trends, utilities need to seek technological partners to evolve and adapt to these disruptive changes in regulations, customer expectations, and new technologies.

By taking advantage of Open’s holistic CIS solution, utilities obtain the flexibility needed to support their customer journeys and special programs, providing a more effective and relevant service to the community and increasing overall satisfaction. With Smartflex, service providers can support special programs, such as rebates, that need the attention of different departments to provide a painless and frictionless experience. The following figure depicts some of the programs supported by Smartflex.

Smartflex, the go-to solution to implement special programsFigure 1. Smartflex’s special programs

Smartflex provides utility customers every tool necessary to enroll in special programs through their preferred contact channel such as email, over the phone, in person, through the web portal or the self-service application.

Needless to say, special programs offer utilities a great opportunity for growth. With the right technological tools, these companies can take full advantage of this new trend and remain relevant in the industry despite the constant evolution.


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