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11 reasons why Smartflex is the best option to streamline your billing processes

Smartflex simplifies even the most complicated billing systems and provides utilities with the tools to handle new rate structures. Have a look at the ways this flexible solution can help your company continuously improve its billing model to keep up with customer needs and regulatory requirements.


  1. Delivers a holistic view of the business by offering comprehensive features to manage different services such as energy, water, wastewater, gas, broadband, and telecom.
  2. Consolidates the billing information of multiple utility services in a single bill.
  3. Provides flexible tools to handle complex rates without the need for additional software development. The solution simplifies the implementation of fixed, tiered, seasonal, and time-based rates, as well as any combination of the above.
  4. Simplifies the management of bundled services and discounts for service providers in competitive markets.
  5. Expedites the definition of clean energy plans, demand response programs, and prosumer business models, assuring regulatory compliance and quick reaction to changing markets.
  6. Includes a powerful rules engine that allows utilities to set up even the most complex rate plans with only a little training (no programming knowledge required).
  7. Gives utilities the autonomy to carry out complex software configuration with their own staff, thereby avoiding the cost associated with external support from Open or a third party. Furthermore, when utilities upgrade to a new version of the software, they can rest assured that their customizations will carry through to the new version thanks to the solution’s robust rules-based architecture.
  8. Offers the ability to automate the testing of new rating schemes and anticipate errors before they happen thereby decreasing customer claims and their associated operational cost.
  9. Helps utilities to forecast the impact of proposed rates for a specific group of products or services.
  10. Allows utilities to easily establish which customers are eligible for each rating scheme based on their demographic and commercial characteristics.
  11. Empowers customers with real-time usage and rate information through self-service portals and apps. With these tools, customers are better-informed about rate variability and have an overall better experience with the utility.

To find out more about the benefits that Smartflex has for your business, request a demo.


Are you ready to revolutionize your utility customer operations?

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