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Agile and flexible systems are the answer to the challenges of industry disruption

Service providers are looking for solutions that can extend their core functionality to comply with regulatory changes, customer expectations, and unique business requirements. In fact, this has become a must-have for many companies, as the rigid systems they have in place are holding them back from making meaningful changes to their business.

In a utility industry survey by TMG consulting, flexible architecture and agility were the reasons given for CIS modernization by 41% and 21% of companies respectively(1). Service providers require systems that support their operation and, at the same time, provide them with agility to react quickly and adapt smoothly to change. This need for agility is even more urgent considering that utility companies are operating in a dynamic industry facing a growing number of disruptive challenges. In this business environment, offering innovative products and services, introducing improvements based on customer interactions, and continually optimizing processes is vital for success.

Having an easy way to implement new initiatives is an increasingly relevant factor when deciding on the right technology to support utilities in today’s dynamic market. For this reason, the ability to enlarge functional scope to fit the specific needs of each organization has become a must-have feature of technological solutions, increasing the demand for extensible and configurable software. Smart Utilities are adopting holistic CIS solutions which not only provide comprehensive support to a broad range of critical business processes but also allow them to extend core functionality and respond to emerging scenarios in complete autonomy. By investing in an agile and flexible CIS, these companies can continuously evolve to meet changing customer expectations and easily tap into new business models.

Smartflex is a holistic solution which empowers utilities with a set of advanced tools to expand the system’s core capabilities. With the power to create new applications and enhance existing ones, companies can translate business initiatives into successful digital strategies while reducing support and customization costs.



(1) TMG Consulting. (2018). Utility Industry Disruption: 5 Profound Trends Impacting IT Modernization Projects. http://www.csforms.org/Conference42/Workshop%20pdfs/TMG.pdf


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