The CIS of the future is a holistic solution

The utility sector recognizes the need for better integration of technological systems, which is why Customer Information Systems with an expanded scope are in more demand than ever. Holistic CIS solutions provide a broader range of functionalities than their predecessors, covering commercial and operational customer processes more effectively and with a lower TCO.

According to TMG consulting, the need to improve system integration is the second major trend behind CIS modernization projects1. Companies want “one version of the truth” across their systems to obtain operational efficiencies and seamless performance. In order to meet these needs, the new generation of CIS is offering a broader functional scope and reducing the need for integration with other systems.

Given the fact that integration and implementation services comprise 42% of CIS modernization costs2, being able to have a single solution developed to perform cohesively across all business areas is crucial for reducing the TCO of software for utilities. For this reason, far-reaching CIS solutions are an attractive option; a centralized system architecture not only provides better support to operations, but it also results in a higher ROI than environments composed of several disparate systems which each cover a different part of the business.

With all this in mind, software vendors are now pivoting towards expanded CIS solutions that cover all critical aspects of the meter-to-cash cycle, while simultaneously including integral support for smart metering, customer relationship management, and fieldwork.

Open Smartflex is a holistic CIS that spans the entire business lifecycle of Smart Utilities. This comprehensive solution has a robust Customer Information System (CIS) at its core while also providing extended functionality in the areas of Meter Data Management (MDM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile Workforce Management (MWM), and Analytics. Open is a strategic partner for service providers, helping them to increase operational efficiency and profitability with this all-in-one solution.



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(2) TMG Consulting. (2018). Utility Industry Disruption: 5 Profound Trends Impacting IT Modernization Projects.


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