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Open introduces new multichannel customer self-service portal

Through this powerful new tool, customers will be able to check their account information, make payments, and submit requests 24/7.

Users can say goodbye to long waits and lines to communicate with public service providers. Thanks to the new version of the Smartflex Self-Service Portal, they can access all of their billing and usage information and pay, anywhere, from their phone, laptop, or tablet. This component is natively integrated with Open’s CIS solution. It is the new channel of communication between the user and the utility company, providing a simple and intuitive way to manage services, ultimately improving the customer experience.

The Self-Service Portal includes elements that provide value to the subscriber. One of these features is a usage simulation tool that allows the user to select the appliances in their home and the average use of these appliances. Using this information, the system delivers an estimate of their monthly bill, so the customer can make better decisions.

The Self-Service Portal allows users to make secure online payments and manage payment plans, reducing the risk of non-pays and decreasing the congestion in customer service centers. Also, with features such as ‘online chat’, users can receive online support quickly. This will help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Smartflex is continuously creating tools that allow utilities to connect to their customers in new ways, catering to their new needs in an evolving world. The Self-Service Portal does this by giving users the simplicity of managing their services from the comfort of their home.


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