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Open launches its new product: a Holistic CIS

At a time when utilities are ready for digital transformation but are struggling with the available software solutions choices, Open International has come to the North American market with a fresh new offering and a unique vision for digital customer engagement. Open is changing the game by helping utilities move beyond the traditional supplier-client relationship, reduce time-to-market, and cut down on their technological expenses.

Open is introducing a new holistic CIS solution which includes a broader range of integrated features to help utilities simplify their operations and provide enhanced customer experience.

“Our solution goes beyond a traditional CIS; Smartflex 8 is a holistic solution that includes CRM with digital customer engagement, mobile workforce management, MDM and Analytics. It can also integrate easier with other systems and platforms. It is designed to optimize even further utility operations, improve customer experience, and help our clients successfully react to industry and regulatory changes.”
Hernando Parrott, North America President of Open International.

Open has become a hot topic in the utility industry as companies increasingly think about how replacing their CIS can help them support their business vision with emerging technologies and expand their range of products and services. The City of Fort Collins, one of the most innovative municipalities in North America, selected Smartflex last year to replace its CIS and support its expansion into the broadband sector. This holistic CIS solution covers the City’s four utility services and new telecommunication service, enabling the City to manage all its customers with one comprehensive system.

Smartflex includes customer self-service capabilities, integrated mobile workforce management, a dynamic catalog of products and services, and a flexible billing engine for complex rates management. All these features are strengthened by the fact that Smartflex has a simplified system architecture and runs on the cloud with state-of-the-art technology.

If you would like to know about how Smartflex can arm utilities with a significant competitive advantage to embrace digital transformation with a lower cost of ownership and at lower risk click on the button below to learn more.