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CS Week 2024 Recap

Last week, Open participated in CS Week’s 48th annual conference held in Fort Worth, TX, where we engaged with key industry players to shape the future of the utility sector. As a leading software provider for utilities, our presence at this event underscored our commitment to innovating and improving excellence in customer service.

During CS Week, Open showcased its expertise by showcasing our product at our booth and participating in two impactful presentations. On the first day of the event, our North America President, Hernando Parrot, had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion with other leaders in the market, delving into a diverse range of successful approaches and groundbreaking ideas aimed at enhancing utility customer self-service. Drawing from best practices across industries, the panelists explored innovative strategies for increasing adoption rates and provided insights into regulatory shifts affecting auto-enrollment in e-bill services. Our contribution to this panel highlighted our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and driving positive change in utility customer interactions.

In our second presentation, we focused on empowering utilities to turn their complexities into simplicities. Our CTO, Juan Corredor, led this session, emphasizing the importance of reimagining customer service strategies to prioritize simplicity and efficiency. We advocated for a strategic approach that involves minimizing integrations, optimizing employee experience alongside customer experience, and harnessing the power of AI solutions to enhance service delivery.

Throughout the entire event, Open had a strong presence at the exhibitor hall, where we met with an abundance of leading utility companies and consultants. Through one-on-one demos and interesting discussions, we were able to learn about utilities’ main pain points and highlight how we can help them overcome their day-to-day challenges. Our demos also showcased the newest version of Smartflex, our flexible and modern solution that runs on one single platform.

At Open, we understand the unique obstacles utility companies face in today’s dynamic environment. Through our participation in CS Week and other industry events, we continue to collaborate with industry leaders and exchange ideas that drive innovation and excellence in customer service. As utilities strive to meet the evolving needs and expectations of their customers, Open remains a trusted partner, providing cutting-edge software solutions and helping shape the future of utility customer service.

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