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Open Ready for Business in North America

As times change, companies need to adapt or be left behind. The utility industry is experiencing a monumental change, so now is the time for companies to rise up to the challenge, adapt to the new playing field, and take their place as industry leaders. Open is coming to the North American market at this critical juncture to give companies the edge they need to innovate, evolve, and succeed in a new landscape being shaped by emerging technologies and rapidly increasing customer expectations.

The steady force of generational change is sweeping through America and will not leave one stone left unturned. Even the most enduring and resilient business models are under threat as industries across the board are battered by consumer demands for more transparency, convenience, and control. Customer experience and emerging technologies are the new battlegrounds which are shaping the future of the utility world. Bot responders, artificial intelligence, prepaid services, prosumers, and web portals are quickly becoming the new normal. The key question is: are you ready?

Open has natively integrated CIS and Field Service solutions; it has already revolutionized utility and telecommunications operations of both global and regional corporate groups like VeoliaSempraAESAmerica movilMillicom, to name a few, providing innovative functionalities to allow true flexibility and enhanced customer service. With a proven track record of more than 100 product implementations in 18 countries, the company is now bringing its award-winning Smartflex solution to North America.

We invite you to meet our team and discover how we can help you confront the challenges facing your company. We offer you our technology and services designed to give you the power to react faster and do better. With Smartflex at your disposal, your company will be poised to take on new technology and regulatory changes while constantly raising the bar for customer experience. With our customer-centric and innovation culture, your staff will enjoy the journey to work with a company that listens to each of its clients.


Are you ready to revolutionize your utility customer operations?

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