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Handle traditional utility services and broadband together with Smartflex

Recent developments in the telecom market have enabled utility companies to become significant players in the provision of reliable broadband services throughout the community. Smartflex is a single solution that supports utilities as they expand into this new market role while also handling traditional services such as electricity, natural gas, water, and sewage.

Smartflex is a comprehensive solution for utility companies already offering broadband services or planning to pivot into the market. With more than 30 years of experience in the utility and telecommunications industries, the solution fully covers the needs of utility companies seeking to run a competitive operation in the telecom market, helping to ensure regulatory compliance, strong cohesion between business lines, and outstanding customer service.

Smartflex benefits

Smartflex benefits

✅ Time-to-market reduction: It offers a flexible framework that lets you quickly model and deploy new services and bundles.

✅ Lead conversions and sales support: It allows you to design and execute targeted marketing campaigns to encourage the purchase of additional products and services.

✅ Active customer engagement: Facilitates the acquisition of information from customers through surveys, helping to increase customer feedback and identify new business opportunities.

✅ Enhanced customer experience: Helps customer service representatives resolve issues faster and more accurately thanks to a 360-degree view of each customer, including insights about usage, financial behavior, and needs.

✅ The lower total cost of ownership: Includes pre-configured services, requests, and workflows so you can get industry best practices implemented without a large investment of time and resources.

✅ Operational efficiency: Enhances business processes through the configurable workflow engine, automating manual tasks, increasing employee productivity, and streamlining customer care processes.

✅ Competitive pricing and complex rate handling: Supports the modeling of complex and dynamic rate structures for utilities and broadband services as well as a range of discount schemes for any combination of services.

✅ Future-proofed billing engine: Includes a flexible rules engine, which allows you to implement the most innovative offers with ease.

✅ Billing quality assurance: Provides graphical tools to schedule billing processes, monitor their execution, and preview bills in order to correct any inconsistencies before sending them out to customers.

✅ Joint bill for utility and telecom services: Consolidates different products and service into a single bill, even those from different business lines. Additionally, it includes configurable bill formats allowing companies to make bills as engaging as possible for customers.

✅ Mobile workforce management: Enables field service workers to connect instantly to back-office systems, access real-time information, and get instant notifications on mobile devices.

✅ Contract labor support: Supports the key financial processes for managing contracted labor, from quotation and work planning to the billing of finished products.

✅ Strong cybersecurity: Encrypts all sensitive data when stored or sent so only approved users can access it.

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