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The utility industry is known for relying on rigid and outdated systems that limit their ability to provide personalized and efficient customer service, optimize their revenue streams, and adapt to changing market conditions. These rigid software solutions often fail to place utility customers at the core of their operations, making it harder to improve customer satisfaction. However, this approach has changed thanks to the digitalization era, which brings new technologies to utilities’ fingertips. With Smartflex, utilities can obtain all the benefits of a unique 360° CIS solution that empowers them to orbit around their customer needs. This one-of-a-kind platform integrates a modern cloud CIS solution with managed services and digital tools to boost customer and employee experience while helping utilities stay focused on improving their customer operations.

The utility industry is undergoing significant transformations driven by rising customer expectations, increasing demand for new technologies, and evolving regulatory frameworks. These changes pose new challenges and opportunities for utilities, who should adapt their business models and processes to meet ever-changing expectations and demands. One of the key areas that utilities need to focus on is their CIS, which is the backbone of their customer service and billing operations. Utilities should also leverage digital technologies, smart solutions, and customer engagement strategies to achieve operational excellence, enhance reliability and resilience, improve customer satisfaction, and create value for all.

The future is full of challenges and opportunities for utilities, so what solutions can help them address future customer needs and community requirements?

The answer begins with understanding utilities’ existing and future state of customer and billing software. Current systems typically lack the flexibility and functionality needed to take advantage of new opportunities and emerging technologies, while a modern one improves customer and employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and revenue generation. In addition to this, these modern solutions should become a powerful tool to better comprehend customers, improve employee performance, and manage customer operations in one place, providing a 360° management.

With this in mind, Open offers Smartflex, a 360° CIS solution that empowers utilities to orbit around their customers’ needs while enhancing employee productivity and improving customer operations. Smartflex’s 360° design allows utilities to become smart digital enterprises that can thrive in an ever-changing market landscape and meet unprecedented demands. This modern cloud CIS solution comes equipped with managed services and digital tools to help utilities focus on their customers, employees, and customer operations.

Customers at the core

Smartflex is a powerful utility tool that enables utilities to boost customer experience, improve engagement, and build lasting relationships. This platform empowers utilities to collect, store, and analyze data, like transactions and interactions, giving them a holistic view of their customers, to understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors. With Smartflex, utilities can leverage AI capabilities and omnichannel communications to improve customer experience and provide more than just a 360-degree view of their customers. Moreover, Smartflex enables personalized interactions, facilitates customer engagement across various channels, and offers valuable insights to better meet their customers’ needs.

Employees in sight

Aside from its customer focus, Smartflex also enhances employee performance and satisfaction with a simplified training process and access to a 24/7 digital guide, providing teams with exceptional user experience. Thanks to Smartflex’s 360° approach, employees access relevant data and insights that help them improve their skills, identify opportunities, solve problems, and collaborate with their peers. Utilities can say goodbye to complex software interaction and hello to increased efficiency and productivity.

Streamlining customer operations

As if that wasn’t enough, with Smartflex, utilities can stay in control of their customer operations. The solution offers complete management of traditional and advanced meter-to-cash processes. Utilities can also create and deliver new programs at breakneck speeds, providing customers with unparalleled flexibility and choice. Smartflex’s managed services allow utilities to stay focused on better serving their community while the Open team handles the rest. Plus, the solution’s innovative tools help utilities support their customers’ financial needs while maintaining revenue assurance, enhancing their bottom line, and still providing a top-notch service.

By focusing on these three dimensions and leveraging emerging technologies, Smartflex provides utilities with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic and customer-centric market.

Ultimately, Smartflex is the unique and powerful 360° CIS solution that utilities are looking for. It helps them manage customers, employees, and overall customer operations in one place without complex integrations, helping utilities seize new opportunities and thrive in a demanding market. Come visit us at CS Week (Booth 517) and learn all about the 360° CIS solution revolutionizing the utility industry.


Ready to revolutionize your utility with a 360° CIS Solution? Schedule a demo at CS Week Booth 517 and discover how Smartflex can help you optimize collections while enhancing customer relationships!


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