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Measurable, agile and reliable, that’s Open’s new SMART methodology

Combining the best of agile and traditional methodologies, SMART is the perfect mix between planning, effort estimation, constant customer communication and flexibility in project decision making.

Measurable, agile and reliable, that’s Open’s new SMART methodologyOpen’s new project implementation methodology, SMART, uses a hybrid approach aimed at ensuring that projects meet customer requirements. The central focus of this strategy is enhanced collaboration with customers through constant and direct communication, which plays a key role in reducing software implementation times while guaranteeing that expectations are fulfilled.

Open’s SMART methodology is designed to guarantee successful projects by using five characteristics which work together to enhance the transformation of organizational processes:

SSpecialized. A unique focus on the activities involved in generating customer value, from the development of the solution to maintenance and product support.
MMeasurable. Constant monitoring of each phase of the project through metrics and control panels.
AAgile. Reduced implementation times thanks to preconfigured industry models and a clear focus on critical aspects of the project.
RReliable. Effective control of the scope, resources, timeline, and project financials with coordinated communication plans, formal documentation, and thoroughly planned risk management.
TTools. Use of specialized tools to turn raw data into accurate and relevant information.

According to Gartner, the agile business mentality refers to the way in which organizations approach their projects and it is comprised of a set of guiding principles; to ensure that each of Open’s projects gets the most out of agile, the SMART methodology encompasses all 6 of these core principles(1).

Core principles of the SMART methodology

Alongside these principles, Open adopts internationally recognized industry practices and consolidates them into the methodology, applying the guidelines proposed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the concepts of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Whether dealing with an on-site or cloud-based project, SMART guarantees the quality of processes, knowledge transfer, project monitoring, agility, and the continuous generation of value for customers. With SMART, the duration of a whole project has been significantly reduced, with a decrease of up to 60% in the last five years.

Fundamentals of the SMART methodology

Figure 1: Fundamentals of the SMART methodology

SMART has the following stages:

SMART methodology stages

Figure 2: SMART implementation methodology

Did you know that with Open’s SMART methodology, software implementation times have been optimized by over 50%?

By incorporating agile and traditional project management practices, Open streamlines the implementation processes with continuous and evolutionary updates. Thanks to the application of this methodology in every project, Open can:

  • Optimize and tune-up processes
  • Fix bugs in the early stages of the project
  • Customize and stabilize the solution faster
  • Extend the product scope by adding new functionalities
  • Develop an agile culture in companies
  • Speed-up the learning curve of end-users

What is the result of combining all these benefits? Successful projects which run smoothly and are finished faster thanks to more agile implementation.

Learn more about SMART and discover all the benefits this methodology offers to your project implementation.

(1) Gartner. (2018). How to Shift to a Business Agile Mindset. https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/how-to-shift-to-a-business-agile-mindset/


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