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Cognitive CIS: Customer Service for the Utility of the future

In a world that is always changing, utilities are looking for new ways to provide superior and relevant customer experiences.

However, they continue to invest in solutions which require complex integrations between legacy systems and modern components. These solutions are based on a traditional analytics approach, which provides insights that require manual review and changes within legacy systems that consume a lot of time and money. This makes it difficult to create seamless customer interactions with a focus on improving customer experiences.

Last week, Open International and IBM delivered a webinar panel where they discussed the elements needed to transform business processes in utilities, using artificial intelligence to engage customers and deliver increased value through personalized interactions and offerings.

Throughout the webinar the panelists addressed three major key items:

  • The concept of productization in the utility industry
  • The impact of customer experience in the future of the utilities
  • What makes a CIS smart enough to deliver personalized customer journeys?


Are you ready to revolutionize your utility customer operations?

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