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Why should Utilities look for a Holistic CIS to enhance customer experience?

Much has been said about electric vehicles and their environmental and socioeconomic benefits. However, leaving aside the benefits of this technology, there is a large business opportunity for utility companies that are getting prepared to support this new kind of mobility. Learn more about this opportunity to prepare and succeed in this new industry challenge.

In a global context where environmental issues are becoming increasingly relevant in the economic and socio-political spheres, it is understandable that electric vehicles be a technology that raises growing interest; it is estimated that half of all new cars will be electric vehicles by 2040.
In the case of utilities, the implementation of this technology as a new business model will help them encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promote new rate programs, and increase revenue through the offering of charging station-related services.
Utilities should keep in mind that the business opportunity is not only in the supply of energy for vehicles, a segment that represents about $1.7 trillion and is subject to high competition amongst several energy suppliers.
According to a research lead by Accenture Strategy, electric vehicles will create a business opportunity of about $2 trillion dollars in e-mobility businesses for utility companies.

With such growth expectations, it is worthwhile to take a look at the immense business opportunity that utility companies have around the electric vehicle market and analyze what steps companies should take to maximize the benefits of these new market conditions.


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The electric power sector is undergoing a rapid transformation as new technology and legislation pave the way for Smart Grids.

Given the above circumstances, utilities must also start to analyze the different technological solutions that will enable them to serve this new market successfully. They should take software solutions into consideration, which will support not only the operational side of energy supply but also the commercial management of e-mobility services. Indeed, some Customer Information Systems are already beginning to incorporate the functionalities to provide end-to-end support to this new business model. At Open, we are already prepared to help you succeed in this market.

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