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Gasnorp has started its early operation in the Peruvian region of Piura with the support of Smartflex

Gasnorp, a subsidiary of Promigas, undertook the challenge of deploying its distribution operations in the provinces of Piura, Talara, Sullana, Paita and Sechura, which will benefit nearly 260,000 inhabitants with an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly service. This deployment will be supported by Smartflex, Open International’s technological solution, which will support its commercial management processes.

Promigas, one of the leading natural gas companies in Latin America, continues its leadership and expansion of natural gas supply in Peru. Recently, the company, through its subsidiary, Gasnorp, began the early stages of operation in the region of Piura, where it will develop its sustainable commitment to the massification of the use of natural gas and the expansion of its services. Gasnorp will be supported by Open International’s CIS solution, Smartflex, which is a customer information system that provides online information updated in near real time, with 24/7 availability.

Smartflex will drive the automation of the billing, collection, sales, and customer service processes of the new gas operator, under a holistic and integrated approach.

Oscar Holguín, Technology Manager of ENLACE, Shared Services Center for Promigas and its subsidiaries, said,

“The implementation of this technological solution aims to incorporate the gas industry’s successful practices, ensure compliance with the times established in the concession plan, and ultimately improve the quality of life of the populations where Gasnorp operates, allowing the company to be one of the best utilities in Peru.”

In this regard, Laura Tobaria, Vice President of Business Development at Open International, said,

“We are committed to helping Gasnorp succeed and will work together to overcome the challenges it has within the framework of its concession contract in Peru. This implementation is another successful milestone in the natural gas sector and in our relationship with Promigas.”


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