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Open International Ensures Continuous Updates with the Latest Release of their Utility Billing System

In today’s digital era, public service companies face the challenge of staying technologically current while maintaining service stability and quality. Implementing new technology can be complex, posing risks such as system crashes, data leaks, and poor data management, which can inconvenience customers.

To tackle this challenge, Open International, a leader in technological utility solutions, has adopted a strategy of continuous updates for its billing system, Smartflex. These updates are rolled out gradually by clients, minimizing disruptions to their operations.

Jesus Sanchez, Open’s Chief Marketing Officer, highlights that Release 48 of Smartflex Version 8 introduces significant enhancements. It offers greater customization capabilities for customer experiences in the self-service portal and functional improvements in billing processes, offer and rate management, fieldwork, and cybersecurity.

One notable improvement in Release 48 is the complete redesign of Smartflex’s self-service portal, now fully customizable. This allows utilities to tailor screens and menus according to their needs and those of their customers, enhancing interactions and experiences. Additionally, it provides easier access to request history and consumption data for informed decision-making.

Sanchez explains that this new version includes enhancements to the offline billing functionality, enabling companies to bill immediately without an internet connection, reducing costs and speeding up the billing process, improving cash flow, and sustainability.

Smartflex’s latest release also facilitates the rapid implementation of security measures, such as mass password resets and access control integrations. Moreover, it streamlines sales processes by efficiently managing commercial offers and rates through flexible configurations.

Smartflex’s continuous release approach empowers Open’s customers to remain at the forefront of technology, enhancing sustainability and meeting evolving customer needs.

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