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Open International will reveal how to strengthen your utility’s CX with Artificial Intelligence at the TPPA 2022 Annual Meeting

The Texas Public Power Association Annual Meeting will take place on July 25-27, 2022, in Austin, TX. During the conference, a wide range of energy industry professionals will come together to share their knowledge and experiences related to the industry’s present and future challenges. During this conference, Open International will bring in two speakers to discuss how utilities can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their customer experience (CX).

Throughout the presentation, Open International’s speakers, Juan Corredor, Open’s CTO, and Felipe Corredor, Industry Consultant, will show how utilities can strengthen their CX by implementing a CIS solution enriched with artificial intelligence and business rule engine components. They will demonstrate how conversational tools work with a modern CIS and how utilities can exceed their customers’ expectations. 

"In this session, we want to show how with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their toolbox, utilities can provide their customers with delightful experiences powered by modern technologies and software applications, particularly, chatbots, smart speakers, and smart workflows," Felipe Corredor said.

Commenting on the conference and Open’s presentation, Juan Corredor stated,

"At Open, we’ve been working on creating a new simple way to enable utilities to interact with their customers in an efficient and personalized manner, allowing them to anticipate their customers’ needs through artificial intelligence and data analytics. We can’t wait to share our industry knowledge and solution with everyone at the TPPA Annual Meeting.”

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