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Open International launches brand revamp

Open International, a leading technology company in the market of software solutions for utilities and telecommunications companies, celebrated 35 years with the launch of its new brand image. This new visual identity, much cleaner and fresher, reflects the company’s core values: agility, flexibility, and innovation.

Not every tech company reaches 35 years of continuous growth. That’s why Open International decided to take this celebration to another level with the launch of their new look, aimed to project Open as a friendly and creator brand that produces a positive outcome for their customers and prospects. The launching of the new brand image was held last October 7th, with the participation of over 500 Open employees and members of its board of directors.

William Corredor, CEO and founder of Open International, said: 

"After months of research by our marketing team, we decided to take another step into the future and transform our brand. Our new logo projects what Open is today: an agile, flexible, and innovative company. It also reflects our dynamism and commitment to evolve according to the industry trends and our clients' needs. We are confident that this new image matches our status as a world-class tech company."

The new logo preserves the essence of blue as the company’s traditional color, which reflects technology, quality, and stability. It also includes two circles, one yellow and the other aquamarine, to honor the company’s customers, utilities, and telecommunications companies. The chosen font is rounded, which represents the flexibility and reliability of the Smartflex solution. Finally, it presents lateral lines that epitomize the movement and constant innovation the company generates for its clients.

Open International has clients in 19 countries on the American continent, from the United States to Argentina. The company has carried out more than 150 successful implementations of its Smartflex solution, which generates more than 40 million invoices each month and manages 6 million clients on the cloud. Its short-term plans include strengthening its international expansion process and the continuous evolution of its Smartflex product with the incorporation of new technologies aimed at optimizing its clients’ operations.

Today, the company has nearly 500 employees, offices in Miami- USA, Quito- Ecuador, and its software development center in Cali – Colombia.  Throughout its 35 years of history, they have received the main business and industry awards for their work on developing cutting-edge technology, training qualified talent, and generating quality jobs.

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