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Open International reveals how Artificial Intelligence can transform utilities’ Customer Experience at FMEA’s Energy Connections Conference

The FMEA Energy Connections Conference and Trade Show will take place on November 3-4, 2021 in Orlando, FL, where professionals from all over the industry will come together to share their knowledge and experiences in the electric utility business. During the conference, Open International will discuss how utilities can leverage artificial intelligence to improve their customer experience.

Open International is excited to announce that they will be sponsoring FMEA’s Energy Connections Conference and Trade Show this year, alongside other key players in the industry. During the two-day event, Open will bring in two speakers, who will present on November 4th at 10:15 eastern and go into depth about the positive effects artificial intelligence (AI) can have on utilities’ business processes.  

Speakers, Hernando Parrott, President of Open International, and Juan Corredor, Open’s CTO, will first discuss the basics of artificial intelligence, what benefits it can offer and some examples of how utilities can put it to use to improve their customer experience. Then, they will present the company’s cognitive CIS solution, Smartflex, which is enriched with artificial intelligence and business rule engine components, making it ideal for utilities looking to improve their customer experience with innovative tools. During the presentation, they will also share a live demo with the audience, better explaining how conversational tools work with a modern CIS and help utilities strengthen deliver outstanding customer experience. 

About the conference and presentation, Juan stated, “At Open, we’ve been working on creating a cognitive solution that harnesses the power of AI, in combination with other emerging and leading technologies, to digitally transform our utility customers. We can’t wait to be able to share our industry knowledge and solution with everyone at the FMEA conference.” 


About Open International 

Since its inception in 1987, Open International has provided technology that helps Telecommunications and Utility service providers meet their business goals and implement innovative business strategies. Open’s customer service and billing software solution has allowed its clients to stay on top of their industry’s biggest challenges by giving them the agility to act on current-day and future problems. We believe that through truly great technology, we can help simplify the way service providers operate, create value, and increase customer satisfaction. With these core values, we created our single, state-of-the-art, comprehensive product: Smartflex is a holistic, multi-service, preconfigured software solution that provides a powerful billing engine, a robust customer care suite, an agile mobile workforce management system, a smart metering engine and hundreds of other functionalities to satisfy our clients’ core needs.


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