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Open talks all about next-generation utility solutions at CS Week 2021

The 45th CS Week Conference will take place August 16-19th in Tampa, FL where utility companies, leading IT providers, and other industry players will come together to discuss the future of customer service. During this conference, Open International will tackle the ideas of customer journeys and digitalization strategies, turning utilities into successful customer experience-focused organizations.

This year’s CS Week marks an exciting time for Open International. During their third participation in this event, Open will demonstrate how their solution, Smartflex, has evolved into a modern solution, combining artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud cutting-edge technologies to quickly leverage innovation capabilities. This cognitive cloud CIS solution also turns traditional business processes into rich customer journeys to offer a top-of-the-line customer experience (CX).  

Open will be located at conference room #34 on the 4th floor of the Tampa Convention Center, showing its disruptive cloud CIS solution which addresses the current needs of the market and prepares utilities for the future. They will also discuss Smartflex’s AI capabilities and how they can be applied to customer experience improvement. About customer experience, US President, Hernando Parrott had this to say:

‚ÄúDeveloping proactive business initiatives with a focus on the key operational journeys is decisive to create an outstanding experience.¬†Smartflex helps companies embrace every essential component of a CX organization by¬†supporting¬†a digitalization strategy that combines the power of a leading-edge solution¬†and artificial intelligence,¬†with¬†the capability of continuous evolution as¬†an¬†innovation leverage‚ÄĚ.¬†

Open believes in enabling utilities to deliver the best CX by supporting a digitalization strategy that combines the power of a flexible, cognitive, and holistic solution. The convention brings together software vendors, industry experts, and major utilities to create a truly unique opportunity for in-depth discussion about the technology that shapes the future of customer service.  

In this respect, Parrott added,

‚ÄúThe new mantra is to provide the best possible experience to meet customer expectations and secure success in the market.¬†Smartflex¬†modern cloud solution¬†provides unparalleled flexibility¬†to¬†handle new products and services¬†and manages different digital interaction channels to fit every stage of the journey according to the preferences of each customer and the operation of utilities.‚Ä̬†

CS Week’s conference sessions will provide its attendees with the opportunity to learn about how technology is transforming customer service models and what criteria utilities should have in mind when it comes to developing innovative strategies for the digital reinvention of customer experience. 

Regarding Open’s involvement in CS Week 2021, Jesus Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer of Open, commented,

‚ÄúWe are very excited to be returning to CS Week this year to talk about the rising trends in the utility industry and customer service. As always, we are pleased to welcome all utilities to join us in a conversation about customer experience, cloud solutions, new digital business models, and how the industry is continuing to evolve in this new decade.‚Ä̬†


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