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Open International has been plotted in Frost and Sullivan’s 2021 Frost Radar

Open International has been submitted as part of the Frost and Sullivan’s Frost Radar™: Digital Platforms for Electric Utility and Energy Retail Customer Care and Engagement.

Frost and Sullivan is a global consulting company dedicated to drive corporate growth through Vision & Strategy, Brand & Demand, and Technology & IP. Through their experiential expertise, Frost and Sullivan is able to deliver industry insights from a market perspective and the key players in the industry.  

The Frost Radar™ reveals the market positioning of companies in an industry using their Growth and Innovation scores as highlighted in the Frost Radar™ methodology. Companies submitted in the Frost Radar™ are the leaders in the industry for growth, innovation, or both. They are instrumental in advancing the industry into the future.

About joining the Frost Radar, Jesús Sanchez, Marketing Vice-president, CMO for Open International said: “Open International’s inclusion in the 2021 Digital Platforms for Electric Utility and Energy Retail Customer Care and Engagement Radar is the result of a continuous effort to deliver enhanced customer experience and flexibility to adapt to market challenges in the utility industry. At Open we believe that through innovative and modern technology, utilities can provide better service, become more efficient and improve their long-term sustainability in the market.” 

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Open International is the industry’s much alternative, combining cloud cutting-edge technology and flexibility to quickly leverage innovation capabilities as well as turning traditional business processes into rich customer journeys to offer a top-of-the-line customer experience. Today, Open is managing customer service and billing processes in utilities in over 19 countries in Americas, from the US to Argentina.  

Sanchez also stated “Our solution and modern architecture is enabling cloud transition, delivering faster time-to-market for new energy and non-commodity services, and boosting digital ecosystem creation through a seamless integration to CX platforms in leading Utilities that are continuously evolving their business to overcome industry challenges. Being selected among world class companies by Frost & Sullivan, reassures our commitment to empower our customers to succeed”. 


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