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Open unveils two game-changing innovations in their cloud CIS: an embedded digital assistance tool and a ChatGPT integration, at CS Week 2023

Miami, 2023. After receiving great feedback from showcasing proactive interactions at last year’s CS Week, Open International, a leading software provider for the utility industry, returned to the event once again with the introduction of its latest innovations, a digital adoption assistant, Polaris, and an integration with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, both as a part of its modern cloud CIS, Smartflex. These groundbreaking technologies were unveiled at this year’s CS Week, which was held in Charlotte, North Carolina from May 2nd to May 4th.

Polaris represents a paradigm shift in digital adoption tools tailored specifically to meet the unique requirements of the utility industry. Designed to enhance the transition process for employees migrating to Open’s modern CIS solution, Smartflex, Polaris introduces intuitive guides that significantly reduce training time and improve overall user experience. With Polaris, utility companies can streamline operations, optimize workforce efficiency, and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

"At Open, we understand the challenges faced by utility companies when adopting new technologies. Polaris is a game-changer, developed with the utility industry in mind, to simplify the transition to Smartflex," said Jesus Sanchez, CMO of Open International. "By empowering employees with intuitive guides, we are revolutionizing the way utilities embrace digital solutions, reducing training time, and boosting productivity."

In addition to Polaris, Open International introduced the integration of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, an advanced artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, into Smartflex. By incorporating ChatGPT into this modern customer care and billing solution, Open aims to enhance customer service capabilities and reduce operational costs for utility companies. The AI-powered chatbot enables customer service representatives (CSRs) to efficiently handle customer inquiries, provide real-time assistance, and ensure consistent and accurate responses. About this innovation, Juan Corredor, CTO at Open said,

“Integrating AI such as ChatGPT into Smartflex is a testament to Open's commitment to being at the forefront of modern and innovative solutions in the utility industry. ChatGPT is generating all the buzz right now, revolutionizing customer service and showcasing our ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies”.

CS Week provided an ideal platform for Open to showcase Polaris and their ChatGPT integration to a diverse audience of utility industry professionals, executives, and stakeholders. Attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative power of these innovations and learn about their potential to drive operational excellence and elevate customer experience.


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