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Introducing Polaris: Smartflex’s game-changing digital adoption tool that simplifies employee system interactions

As utilities evolve into digital enterprises, so do the systems they use to run their operations. However, this transition can be challenging for employees who need to quickly and efficiently adapt to new software tools while staying proficient. With Smartflex, utilities obtain a digital adoption tool that leverages cutting-edge technologies to empower the workforce, increase employee engagement, and improve operational efficiency.

Interacting with new software or technologies is not an easy job. While training sessions and documentation can provide some guidance to employees, they sometimes fall short when it comes to real-time, day-to-day activities. For utilities, the challenge is imminent as they have been investing in modernizing their systems and operations to become smarter companies. While these digitalization efforts often offer more robust and feature-rich solutions, they can also result in a steep learning curve for users. Navigating and effectively utilizing these complex systems can slow down training, reduce employee productivity, and affect employee motivation.

So how can utilities deal with new system adoption? The answer may be easy, add more training hours – but this approach increases costs and takes more time, causing a potential decrease in workforce productivity.

With this in mind, Open International introduces Polaris, a digital adoption strategy integrated with Smartflex that makes system adoption easier than ever before. Polaris offers employees intuitive guides that simplify training, improves user experience, and ultimately ensure workforce proficiency. This tool also comes embedded with helpful resources throughout Smartflex, providing users with supplementary information on specific topics, like how to use a report, giving employees easy access to information in real-time.

Polaris provides a set of tasks to develop and train users according to their role. For example, if the trainee is a newly hired cashier, Polaris will only deploy cashiering tasks such as opening a cash desk, paying accounts, and generating cash desk reports. Polaris also provides a progress bar, allowing users to see how far they’ve come along in their training sessions. Each of these tasks comes with an interactive guide that provides users with a real-time walkthrough from their perspective, facilitating their Smartflex training process.

Additionally, Polaris offers an ask tab, where employees can ask for help at their discretion. When clicking on this tab, users can search questions or keywords in the search bar, activating Polaris’ guide. Users will receive clear, step-by-step guidance on how to complete the desired process. Employees can proceed to the next step or revisit previous ones at their own pace. It is worth mentioning that the user can deactivate Polaris at any time.

Smartflex’s digital adoption strategy, Polaris, allows utilities to offer their employees a robust and flexible platform while benefiting from efficient training and enhanced employee satisfaction. With this strategy, utilities create a total experience in which happier employees result in better customer service with satisfied customers.

Polaris is truly a unique feature in Smartflex that utilities are looking for. It helps them empower their workforce, increase employee engagement, and improve operational efficiency.

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