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Open International’s development center will soon be powered by solar energy

Open International has installed 343 solar panels, with the capacity to produce 110 kw of clean energy, to help run their development center.

As part of their sustainability strategy, utility software company, Open International, has installed more than 600 m2 of solar panels at their development center in Cali, Colombia. With this new project, Open aims to reduce their carbon footprint, avoiding the emission of 152 tons of CO2 every year, enough to grow more than 1800 trees in the same period. The panels were installed in as little as one week by Sprightful Solar, a leading solar panel company in Florida.

About the project, William Corredor, CEO and founder of Open International, said,

“The implementation of this solar panel system is an innovative, sustainability-oriented initiative which demonstrates our commitment to switching to clean energy so that we can better our environment.”

With this initiative, Open would like to encourage more companies in the industry to transition to renewable energy.

“In a world struggling to achieve sustainability, each organization must take the lead in generating a positive impact for future generations to come,” Corredor concluded.


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