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Open wins Innovation category at the 2018 Portafolio Awards

Open has been awarded first place in the Innovation category of the 2018 Portafolio Awards. This award is a recognition of the favorable reception that Open’s products and services have had in both the Latin American and North American markets. Furthermore, it recognizes how the company鈥檚 research and development efforts have led to the creation and improvement of technological solutions which have kept pace with industry needs for over thirty years.

Open鈥檚 philosophy of innovation and flexibility has clearly struck a chord with industry leaders across the world; the company鈥檚 rapid growth and recent expansion into the North American market have been a testament to this fact, and this award is yet another illustration of the reputation Open is building as a ground-breaking company. Winning the Portafolio Award in the Innovation category is just another recognition of the hard work put in by over 500 people who consistently strive to push technology forward through the creation of truly innovative and world-class software solutions.

The five nominees for this prestigious award were chosen out of 900 candidates through a rigorous selection process, audited by Deloitte. Open was granted a nomination thanks to its significant contribution to the improvement of society through its business activities and the way it has exceeded the expectations of its industry and business environment. The judges highlighted the quality of Open’s solutions which are currently managing more than forty million invoices per year and operating in 19 countries. They placed significant emphasis on the company鈥檚 consistent focus on R&D and its success in making innovation an integral part of its company culture.

The award ceremony was led by the president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, as well as 900 of the most important business leaders in the country. The CEO and founder of Open, William Corredor, commented:

“Since starting Open 30 years ago, the company has grown and developed with innovation in its DNA, which has led us to continually improve our products and expand into new markets. Today, I have the honor of representing 500 employees who work every day to create world-class software. Thanks to their hard work, it is possible for us to be winners today at the Portafolio Awards and continue to share our vision with the world”

To win this award, Open competed alongside companies such as Bancolombia, the most sustainable banking institution, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI); Sodimac, a multinational home improvement warehouse store chain with 40 locations in Latin-American; 聽Rosario University, one of the best Latin-American universities according to rankings such as QS Latam 2018, and Mobility Group, a rehabilitation center that uses cutting-edge technology to streamline patient recovery. Of all the nominees, the 2018 Portafolio Awards panel of judges 1 chose Open as the most outstanding in the area of innovation, highlighting the company鈥檚 commitment to developing its technology and Silicon Valley-style approach to business.

(1) The panel of judges was made up of Mar铆a Gutierrez, president of Corficolombiana, Pedro Gasca, Head Counsel of Tostao, Ram贸n D谩vila, president of Gases del Caribe, Ricardo Sierra, president of Celsia, Alejandro Gaviria, former Colombian Minister of Health, Beethoven Herrera, president of the Colombian Academy of Economic Sciences and Georges Bougad, president of Recamier.


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