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Breaking boundaries: A Single Approach to Customer and Employee Experience with Smartflex

Nowadays, utilities need to think of new and efficient ways to improve their customer satisfaction. One way to do so is by improving both customer and employee experience.; this blend is known as "Total Experience". Smartflex, Open's next-generation CIS solution, is loaded with game-changing innovations aimed at providing utilities with technological tools that enable them to embrace a Total Experience approach.

Traditionally, companies have treated employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) as separate functions, with one focusing on productivity and retention, and the other on building customer relationships and providing services. In fact, most organizations tend to only focus on customer engagement and creating customer-centric business models, failing to keep in mind that achieving a superior customer experience is heavily influenced by employees and their work dynamics.

In the daily operation of utilities, employees are faced with software that can be rigid and complex to use, leading to frustration and confusion among users. This can negatively impact productivity and increase the likelihood of errors. It’s important to realize that the complex nature of IT solutions not only affects those who use the technology internally, but also directly influences the quality of service provided to end customers.

With this in mind, utilities face a great obstacle: finding a software solution that improves EX without compromising its technological aspects. To address this challenge, they must be selective in their choice of software providers, opting for those that offer cutting-edge, holistic, and flexible solutions that are user friendly and provide advanced digital tools for training. These types of solutions will help improve employee experience, which will in turn have an impact on customer experience. This combination is known in the industry as Total Experience (TX), a trend that emphasizes providing experiences not only to customers but also to users, breaking down the barriers between Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX).

According to a Harvard Business Review, companies adopting a Total Experience approach as part of their organizational DNA could benefit from several advantages such as [1]:

  • Improved Satisfaction: Considering all touchpoints between customers and employees leads to a smoother experience, enhancing satisfaction for both stakeholders.
  • Enhanced Business Image: A positive TX can have a positive impact on a brand’s image and reputation, improving recognition and brand awareness.
  • Differentiation: Providing a unique and memorable TX distinguishes a brand from competitors, creating a competitive advantage among others.
  • Revenue Increase: Satisfied customers are more likely to purchase more services and accept offers from their service providers, resulting in increased revenue and growth.
  • Enhanced Communication: Improving communication channels internally and externally fosters better understanding, trust, and collaboration between the utility and its customers.

The combination of operational efficiency and user-centricity is essential to deliver better services in the utility industry. This is why, when adopting a total experience approach, utilities need to count on a software provider who has the right capabilities and tools to respond to this business model.

As a leading software provider for utilities, at Open, we understand the importance of creating a total experience strategy. To achieve this, we’ve created our modern CIS solution, Smartflex, an all-in-one utility billing system with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides a 360° view of every customer process. In fact, our unique solution comes equipped with Polaris, a digital adoption tool designed to facilitate onboarding and help employees navigate our system at any time. This interactive tool gives employees step-by-step training of their tasks to take the stress out of learning to use a new system. Polaris is also available in Smartflex at all times, allowing employees to ask it questions about how to complete processes whenever they need a refresh. With Polaris, utility companies can streamline operations, and accelerate their digital transformation journey. By empowering employees with intuitive guides, we are revolutionizing the way utilities adopt digital solutions, boosting utility user experience and improving employee productivity.

In addition to Polaris, we’re also working on incorporating generative AI tools like ChatGPT into Smartflex. By integrating ChatGPT into our customer integrated management application, customer services representatives have invaluable support to answer customer requests and can enhance their interactions with their customers. This powerful innovation provides CSRs with an intuitive interface that facilitates quick access to vital information within a single window, offering seamless and personalized interactions with customers, enabling instant assistance, addressing queries, and providing timely responses about any customer inquiry. As a result of these efforts, utilities can enhance their customer interactions and surpass customer expectations.

At Open, we are committed to empowering utilities to achieve their goals, streamline processes, and improve their employee and customer experience. With Smartflex and its cutting-edge technology, service providers can successfully adopt a Total Experience approach and take their utility to the next level.

[1] Harvard Business Review, Italia (April 2023). Alla conquista della Total Experience. https://www.hbritalia.it/aprile-2023/2023/04/03/news/alla-conquista-della-total-experience-15482/

Challenge yourself

Smartflex can help you improve your service offering and user experiences

Challenge yourself

Smartflex can help you improve your service offering and user experiences


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