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Smartflex’s CIS + Mobile Workforce Management: A Game-Changer for Utilities

Improve operational efficiency and optimize workforce routes, increasing productivity and reducing costs for utilities.

Smartflex’s MWM layer empowers utilities with a comprehensive toolkit, optimizing communication, operations, and customer service. Our tailored solution integrates intelligent features that enhances operational processes, giving service providers control over field operations for an elevated customer experience and improved efficiency on the field.

A US survey found that 58% of utilities upgrading their CIS are seeking more integrated applications.

Thanks to Smartflex, an electricity utility with over 600k customers, improved their field service and reduced their average service installation time by 72% in just 8 months.

Key Functionalities

Integral management of business cases for utilities

Smartflex efficiently manages customer and field service operations, offering specialized components for various business cases for utilities, such as installations, service condition changes, meter replacements, suspensions, reconnections, and field reviews. This spans across CIS & MWM functionalities.

Intelligent Routing

Smartflex’s intelligent routing functionality empowers utilities to assign the right technician with the right tools at the right time. By reducing planning times and optimizing time on the field, Smartflex enhances customers’ experiences while optimizing resources to improve operational efficiency. 

On-site meter reading and billing

With Smartflex, utilities can read and bill on the field, minimize operational costs, and deliver timely bills in a seamless, all-in-one solution without the need of integrations.

Proactive Interactions

Smarflex allows utilities to engage with their customers in a personalized manner, anticipating their needs before they even know they have them. This allows customers to stay informed about events, track scheduled orders, and engage interactively with our chatbot and CSRs for processing actions and orders, ultimately enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Optimized segmentation

With Smartflex, utilities can optimize field work by prioritizing order execution based on multiple operational and commercial criteria.

In 2021, 90 CIS upgrade projects were analyzed by a consultant company and found that around 80% of them included CIS+MWM and other components.

What Makes Smartflex’s MWM Unique

Solution specialized for utilities

As the direct manufacturers of our technology solution, we specialize solely on the utility industry and offer a level of agility and customer-focused innovation that utilities are looking for. Smartflex features specialized components with built-in business logic, addressing scenarios like installation, suspensions, reconnections, and readings without the need for extra development. This ensures flexibility in supporting all core utility processes within a single solution.

Holistic mobile workforce management

As part of a single platform, Smartflex’s MWM shares real-time customer and billing information. Smartflex eliminates data redundancy and ensures consistent information across all applications by centralizing data in a single database. We maintain accurate data storage to ensure information quality in every process.

Order management for telemetering processes

Smarflex enables utilities to efficiently manage orders generated from advanced telemetering processes, including VEE processes, event management, and alerts from telemetered meters.

Third-party operations

Smartflex facilitates thorough management of contractor activities and crews, empowering service providers to efficiently assign jobs to strategic allies. This boosts the company’s operational capacity, ensuring the fulfillment of all customer orders. We offer flexibility in handling contractor activities, bonuses, and payments based on their effectiveness rates, following defined business rules.

Workforce multiskill optimization

Smarflex enables utilities to manage field activities, such as meter readings or on-site billing and commercial orders, within a single application. This leads to decreased field time and an enhanced experience for field workers, thanks to the user-friendly interface. Smartflex supports orders for multiple operational and commercial criteria under the same solution, reducing TCO by eliminating the need for multiple applications, integrations, or IT requirements.

Asset Management

Smartflex manages the handling of serialized equipment, such as meters and seals, from the MWM to the CIS, ensuring an integrated and streamlined process. Additionally, it efficiently oversees the management of both used and collected materials.


Why Choose Smartflex?

  • Adopt a holistic approach that aligns customer care with field management to enhance customer satisfaction. Prioritize field activities based on business objectives, leading to increased company revenue and stronger customer relationships.

  • Simplify operations through seamless native integration, utilizing a single configuration to optimize workforce routes. Implement tailored business rules designed specifically for the utility industry.

  • Optimize your billing processes with a flexible solution that allows your field crew to take meter reads, bill, and print all while on the field. 

  • Reduce operational costs, integration efforts, and information inconsistencies that impede CX and operational excellence.

  • Streamline your planning process and enhance on-site efficiency with route optimization plans. With just one click, intelligent algorithms optimize routing to improve field work execution effectiveness by over 30%.

Are you interested in exploring the advantages of AI-enhanced Field Service and the transformative potential of integrating CIS with Mobile Workforce Management?


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