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Smartflex is now offering continuous delivery to help utilities keep up with industry demands coming from market, regulatory, and technological changes. With this step, Open is demonstrating its commitment to exploring new concepts and supporting the ever-changing needs of utilities.

Many utilities are still running their operations with legacy information systems that do not provide the capabilities they need to keep up with the pace of the industry. If these companies want to stay relevant in a constantly changing world, they need to leave these obsolete systems behind and look for a new Customer Information System (CIS) which constantly evolves and adapts in response to the latest industry needs.

Smartflex is an agile and flexible CIS that evolves as fast as the market while continuing to provide excellent availability, security, performance, and usability. To achieve this, enhancements and new functionalities are delivered through continuous and non-disruptive releases that keep utilities up-to-date with the tools they need to provide outstanding customer experience and take advantage of emerging business models.

By implementing continuous delivery, Smartflex lets companies forget the painful and long upgrade projects of the past and instead enjoy enhancements that get to work fast and arrive when they are needed. By embracing the benefits of continuous delivery, utilities using Smartflex can be better prepared to respond to complex scenarios created by regulation changes, market competition, and customer expectations.

Smartflex Continuous Delivery

Keep up, not catch up!

As a software provider, Open knows that innovation is not about following, it is about leading. For that reason, Open provides a clear evolution path through monthly releases that help utilities maintain a competitive advantage in their market at the same time avoiding technological obsolescence.

More than 40% of Open’s clients are running Smartflex under its continuous delivery model and boosting innovation through incremental deliverables. If we dig deeper, 25% of these clients already enjoy the new enhancements released in June, while 58% are less than 3 months away from the latest release.  Finally, the remaining 13% is only 6 months out.

Smartflex Continuous DeliverySmartflex Continuous Delivery Smartflex Continuous Delivery



As a result, clients have reduced their update processes from years to months and are maximizing the benefits from their Smartflex support contract. Click here to find out more about our continuous delivery model.


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