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6 ways to give your customers more with Open’s enhanced customer care module

As companies such as Amazon and Google set ever-increasing expectations for customer service, utilities and communication service providers are coming under pressure to increase their standards in this key area. Open continues to listen to the needs of clients and has provided enhanced tools and streamlined customer engagement processes to enhance the customer journey.

Name Search

Often when customers seek attention from their service provider, they are asked for information such as their account number or address. While this information may be the most useful from the CSR´s perspective, often the customer can’t remember their account number and may have to look it up themselves. Furthermore, asking for this type of information is the wrong way to start the conversation because it makes the customer feel like just another account.

If you go to a café enough times, often the barristers will learn your name and remember how you like your coffee. Starbucks, one of the most successful coffee chains in the world, insists that its staff ask for the name of each customer to ensure this human touch is a part of every transaction. While a service provider is very different to a coffee shop, recognizing a customer by name and remembering past interactions is an important gesture which can make them feel more valued and have a better experience overall.

Of course, the problem with using names is that it can be hard to spell names correctly when talking on the phone and customers don’t like having to spell out their names letter by letter. To help solve this problem, we came up with an advanced name search feature which provides not only names that match your search, but also names which sound similar. With this tool, CSRs have a much higher chance of finding customers without having to ask them to provide their account number or spell out their name, helping to provide a warmer customer experience from the start.

Smart Transfers

Gone are the days where customers had to repeat information to each CSR as they are transferred around the entire customer care center; with Open’s new customer care module it is possible to transfer customers without missing a beat. When you pass a customer to another CSR using this system, the customer information screen appears on their computer exactly as you left it, allowing them to get up to speed as fast as possible.

Single Customer Screen

The most exciting feature about Smartflex’s new customer care module is the fact that CSRs can access all the information they need from one place. Not only are CSRs saved the hassle of opening multiple applications, now they don’t even need to open multiple windows as everything is provided for them within a single screen. This single customer care screen provides the most information in the least time, allowing CSRs to get a hold of the most important facts about a client straight away.

Below is the example of the main customer card which is always visible on the customer care screen, allowing CSRs to access vital information at a glance.

Open Customer Care Module

Customer Score

To help your company keep track of ongoing relationships, each customer has a score which is continually updated to reflect their behavior and constantly visible on the customer care screen. Customers who pay their bills on time and generally have a positive attitude build up trust with the company which allows them to access special services, whereas bad customers are required to pay higher deposits for new services and are generally treated with less leniency. As soon as a CSR starts dealing with a customer, they can know straight away what type of person they are dealing with.

Account Integration

At Open we believe that service providers should treat customers as more than just the face of an account. This is why we bring all the information together for each customer so you can see all their accounts in one place. Even if a customer has multiple properties registered with your company and you are providing them more than one type of service, our new customer care module makes it easy to see the full picture without the need to open a new window or ask the customer for account details.

Full Billing Visibility

Many customer requests are centered around their bill, which is Smartflex gives CSRs the ability to see a summary of customer billing as soon as they enter the customers information page.

Open Customer Care Module

While CSRs benefit from the ability to see billing information in a way which makes sense to them, the customer care module also provides a way to see this information exactly as it appears to the customer. With all the bills ever issued to the client available in pdf format just a few clicks away, CSRs and customers can quickly get to the bottom of any billing issue as they are literally on the same page.

If you want to see for yourself how Smartflex’s leading customer care module can help you provide an outstanding service to your customers,


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