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How effective communication with customers can save energy and money

In the constant search for providing better experiences to customers, earn their loyalty and, achieve their satisfaction, utilities are incorporating new continuous communication options in their processes. Likewise, service providers are encouraging the self-management of their products and services, empowering customers with valuable information to ultimately save money and energy.

Utility providers have increasingly realized the importance of offering enjoyable and unique experiences to their customers, providing them with the autonomy and flexibility to manage their products and services on their own. They also have the task of providing customers with relevant information on their usage to encourage them to be more cautious in their everyday lives. These initiatives will not only have an economic impact but will also influence a more sustainable living that will comply with the regulations of each country.

To achieve these goals, companies must have continuous communication with their customers across several channels such as notifications, alerts, and reports. This will keep customers updated with the information they need to know about their services. Through these channels, utilities also can pleasantly surprise their users by presenting them with unexpected but valuable information, which will create unique customer experiences and increase overall satisfaction.


By using a variety of notifications such as text messages (SMS), emails, and mobile push, utility companies can provide detailed and useful information to their customers. These alerts can contain personalized data such as a customer’s usage and projected bills and can also inform users about additional programs that may be of interest to them. These notifications promote a reduction of service usage during high-demand hours, billing claims, and calls to service centers.


Reports are another useful mechanism that utilities have for sending information to their customers. Through them, customers can learn more about the use and management of their products and services, with details regarding rate plans, customer usage comparisons, renewable energy technologies such as solar panels, and more. These reports will educate consumers about their rates and DER (Distributed Energy Resources) while also improving their usage habits and reducing their costs.


Self-service portals are a key tool for the communication between a company and its customers. It is crucial that utilities create pleasant experiences by offering different features in their portals that add value to the relationships with their customers. In order to generate unique customer journeys, service providers should consider displaying a variety of data such as rates and billing history, neighbors’ usage comparison, energy efficiency program enrollments, and additional service alerts.

How does CX benefit from energy efficiency?

  • More moments that matter
    By providing useful information through self-service portals and mobile devices, customers get the right insight at the right time to get the results they want.
  • Increase in program enrollments
    Smart, personalized recommendations can help customers take action and enroll in energy efficiency programs.
  • Enhanced customer relationships
    Utilities can increase customer satisfaction and maintain trust with their customers by giving them to gain control over their energy service.
  • Goals achieved
    Demand-response objectives can be reached more easily when utilities give their customers more unique experiences.
  • Lower service costs
    When customers have enlightening insights at their fingertips, the overall call volume reduces, allowing CSRs to invest more time in providing delightful experiences and helping habitual callers get invested in digital self-service with ease.

Through communication and direct and frequent contact, utilities craft customer engagement moments that can save money and energy. This gets customers involved in managing their own products and services, which is highly valued by the new digital generation. Additionally, utilities obtain efficient results from their goals by placing the customer at the center of their strategy and business model.

Learn how to boost energy efficiency in the customer era.


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