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Open, innovating over the past 30 years

Open, one of the leading providers of technological solutions for the utilities and telecommunications industries inaugurates its new Innovation and Development Center in Colombia, honoring its 30th anniversary.

Since 1987, Open has provided technological solutions to help utilities and telecommunications companies achieve their business goals and evolve with the needs of the market. Smartflex, its product, has been implemented in 70 companies in over 18 countries.

More than 40 million invoices are issued monthly through Smartflex. This vast experience and track record have resulted in Smartflex being included in the Gartner Customer Information System´s Magic Quadrant since 2014. This Magic Quadrant, developed by the world’s leading technology research and advisory company, includes only the world´s most prominent product and solutions manufacturers.

“This year, we are commemorating 30 years of work and progress together with our clients. This experience has made us into the strategic partner for service providers that stand out in the industry for their relevance both in their home markets and internationally such as Veolia, EPM Group, Chilquinta-Sempra International, Promigas Group, Gas Natural Fenosa Group, Cablevision and Claro. We have provided a technological solution that fits their needs and that has become a foundation for their optimization plans, driving increase in revenues and customer loyalty. Since its inception, Open has been continually growing, and this has been particularly evidenced over the past few years, not only on the commercial side, but also in other areas, at an organizational level, in our market presence and in the functional coverage of our solutions”, affirmed Erick Vivas, Open’s Sales VP.

Additionally, Open is well-known for creating one of the most important recruitment and professional development programs of the region in the IT sector. More than 1,700 engineers from 36 universities have participated in this program, which has also offered over 3 million training hours to over 7,000 students.

Open has also contributed to driving job growth in the IT sector. In its new Innovation and Development Center in Colombia alone, there are over 460 full-time engineers dedicated to continually evolving Smartflex to meet present and future market needs. This has helped the consolidate the company as one of the most solid and innovative software development companies in the region.

Throughout its long track record, Open has received several global awards. In 2005, it was recognized as the World´s Best Billing Implementation during the World Billing Awards in London, for the implementation of its solution with the EPM Group. Most recently, in 2016, Open received an award as the year´s best industry implementation for its project with energy company Chilquinta in Chile, a subsidiary of Sempra International, awarded by the software industry association, Fedesoft.

30 years have come and gone in this innovative company, but one thing is for sure: things are only getting started.


Open is a leading industry solution development company for the utilities and telecommunications segment. Since 1987, it directly serves the world´s leading companies in the Energy, Gas, Water, Waste Collection, Wireline, Wireless, Broadband, and CATV industries.

SmartflexTM, its solution, is based on a B/OSS (Business and Operations Support Systems) and CIS (Customer Information System) approach that makes the difference when it comes to meeting the critical and increasingly convergent needs of billing, customer service and field operations. Its rule-based technology makes it a highly agile and flexible solution, enables its updates and, most important, offers each company a high level of autonomy for their management operation. Today, more than 100 deployments of telecommunications and public utilities providers count with SmartflexTM.


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