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Open Vital Signs, innovation applied on analyzing and displaying critical information

One of the many factors that can influence the success of any business is the reliability of their information systems. Avoiding system downtime and its over-the-top costs by watching over the status of critical system aspects is then highly important for service providers.

A wide range of factors may cause information systems, servers, databases and their environments to experience substantial delays and, on critical cases, may even cause them to come to a complete halt, throwing more than $100,000 USD(1) per hour down the drain. Our Open Vital Signs solution, allows service provider companies to evolve from a reactive response model to a proactive model, with which they are capable of minimizing total system out-of-service time, avoiding possible profit loss, improving customer satisfaction and final user confidence.

By leveraging from an intuitive and modern graphic interface, Open Vital Signs is able to support the decision making process by providing more than 20 dashboards that display easily accessible information about your company’s most critical and significant processes, broadening operational visibility. Built and designed from the ground-up based on a SaaS architecture, Open Vital Signs functions are independent from your systems and is 100% located in the cloud; thus, no further processing is required on your side. Our cloud is responsible for querying and processing the required non-commercial information, with state of the art techniques that do not represent an additional burden to your architecture.

With Open Vital Signs, your company also obtains an invaluable peace of mind thanks to a constant, real-time monitoring of your most important system metrics. You can also rest at ease knowing that our solution will send immediate, custom-tailored live notifications the moment our system identifies data that is not within the allowed ranges. Open Vital Signs’ notifications are based on severity levels, are entirely configurable and can be distributed via e-mail or SMS(2), reaching the right person or group of people in order to preventively tackle the issues at their root and, as a result, minimize downtime.

Our Open Vital Signs solution runs on and is supported by three main processes: data collection, data transformation and information display. The synchronization of these three processes allows Open’s customers to rejoice from the following benefits:

  • Centralizes system-vital processes.
  • Widens operational visibility.
  • Facilitates the strategic decision-making process.
  • Minimizes out-of-service time.
  • Minimizes end-point response time.
  • Avoids SLA penalties.
  • Keeps your reputation high.
  • Increases productivity.

Open Vital Signs, innovation applied on analyzing and displaying critical information

Figure 1. Open Vital Signs Processes.

(1) http://itic-corp.com/blog/2016/08/cost-of-hourly-downtime-soars-81-of-enterprises-say-it-exceeds-300k-on-average/

(2) SMS service will be expanded to other regions but is currently only available in Colombia.


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