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Utilities and telecommunication companies, key players to keep the world running during the COVID-19 era

Until recently, turning on the light, opening the water tap, or surfing the internet seemed like simple actions that were easily taken for granted in our daily lives. Today, amid an emergency generated by COVID-19, the role of service providers and telecommunications takes on a different meaning. Companies in these sectors are crucially important in maintaining the economic and social stability of our countries.

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The CX Pyramid

One of the essential components of customer experience is self-service

Nowadays, companies are constantly engaging their customers in order to keep them satisfied and build loyalty. However, this task is becoming challenging because there are now hundreds of companies competing for customer attention every day, which has caused the modern customer to be more discerning than ever. Expectations are constantly increasing, so if a company isn’t continually improving its service, it will quickly fall behind. Also, the growing trend of customers using mobile devices makes them more comfortable self-managing parts of their daily routine instead of interacting face to face with companies.