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Industry articles

Prepaid Energy: A growing commercial alternative that is here to stay

Prepaid services in the electric utility industry have experienced a boom in recent years, driven by both the evolving demands of consumers and the growing pressure on utilities to drive greater operational efficiency by simplifying processes and minimizing the financial burden of uncollectible debt. Over the last two decades, prepaid products and services have been on the rise as a commercial alternative across multiple industries. This paradigm shift shows no signs of slowing down and the electric utility industry is

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Industry articles

Non-revenue water management, the challenge facing water and sewage companies

In an effort to increase earnings and achieve greater cost-efficiency, water and sewage companies must confront the critical task of reducing levels of non-revenue water, which can be caused by several factors, including leaks, meter inaccuracy or even theft. For this reason, it is imperative for companies to have technological tools that provide the right analytics capabilities that enable control and timely decision-making to support their loss mitigation efforts, revenue assurance and operational oversight In order to provide a standard

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