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The flexible and holistic solution utilities need

The systems that support utilities’ operation are constantly evolving to meet emerging business requirements and challenging digital customer expectations. Smartflex, a holistic CIS solution, allows managing key processes with a CX focus, helping utilities create end-to-end journeys, adjust operational processes with autonomy, and streamline time to market of new products and services.

CIS - Customer Information System Solution | SMARTFLEX

Evolving your CIS without disruptions along the way

As the market continues to evolve at a rapid pace, utilities need to ensure that their Customer Information System provides them with the capabilities they need to cope with industry changes without affecting business continuity. To support utilities’ daily operations, Smartflex provides continuous updates that deliver incremental business value without any disruptions.

Empowering utilities with Smartflex's future-thinking capabilities

Service providers have a hard time finding the right software solution that addresses new requirements, emerging market trends, and customer expectations while staying functional through time. Smartflex’s future-thinking capabilities help utilities stay relevant, manage key processes, boost customer experience and maintain profitability.

Cloud computing, taking utilities to the next level

State-of-the-art technologies are leveraging cloud computing to transform many industries and business models. Utilities have found ways to use this technology for their benefits while adapting to new challenges.

AI-driven Customer Interactions | OPEN INTERNATIONAL

AI-driven Customer Interactions

AI-driven customer interactions, provide service representatives with a personalized course of action beautifully wrapped to be delivered following an omnichannel CX approach