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Why should Utilities look for a Holistic CIS to enhance customer experience?


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The systems that support the operations of service providers are constantly evolving to meet emerging business requirements and challenging digital customer expectations. In this scenario, having a holistic solution capable of managing every process in the customer domain is fundamental to maximize benefits all across the board.

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    With an advanced CIS at its core, Smartflex is extended in four dimensions: on the metering side with Meter Data Management (MDM) features, on the customer side through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component with omnichannel engagement capabilities and digital self-service attributes, and on the field dimension with Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) options. To round it up, an Analytics dimension is included to provide the input necessary to enhance service providers’ decision-making process.
    Smartflex’s is structured as a multilayered solution that grants flexibility and ease of maintenance to service providers, allowing them to enlarge its basic scope and implement new functionalities anytime on their own, avoiding software development costs. Likewise, by using sophisticated tools such as frameworks, workflows and a rule engine, these companies can deploy new processes and operational flows in a simple way to have complete control over every customer-facing process.
    Being able to map the journeys that customers follow requires a panoramic view of every interaction and transaction made by them. This becomes crucial for utilities aiming to become customer-centric organizations in which service representatives must be equipped with a tool that synthesizes information from different sources (contact channels, enterprise systems and field crews) and presents it in an eye-catching fashion, helping them to manage every service situation effectively while boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    Smartflex´s holistic approach enables service providers’ omnichannel strategy. This way, customers can interact with the company using both traditional methods such as phone calls and in-store, as well as digital channels, keeping the context of the interaction regardless of the touchpoint. Thanks to that, companies can provide a wide array of channels without worrying about the risk of losing information when the interaction begins in one channel and continues in a different one, preventing customers from redundancies and gaps that may harm the CX.
    Smartflex’s outstanding flexibility allows service providers to develop new products and services beyond traditional utility commodities. Thanks to features that enable an intuitive portfolio modeling, companies can harness business opportunities and tap into new revenue sources at ease by creating enticing value offers to cater to increasingly relevant customer segments such as prosumers and environmental-savvy individuals looking for demand-side management options. Likewise, utilities can venture into non-conventional services such as broadband and telecommunications, helping them to provide a comprehensive offer with services converging in one bill.
    With Smartflex, service providers can run their business using a single solution capable of supporting all the processes in the customer domain. Thus, these companies are presented with an unparalleled opportunity to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and avoid the burden associated with the integration of several systems that would otherwise cover just a fraction of their operation and require huge synchronization efforts.

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